Team Bio

Greg Reinke

Fort Myers Office Leader, Associate Principal
“When it comes to our work, it’s important to have a grasp on the engineering and the business side as well. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality engineering that’s cost-effective.”

When it comes to coordinating many different resources under demanding deadlines, Greg has been there. As an experienced project manager, he’s seen even the most challenging projects come together on time and on budget to the delight of architects, builders and owners alike. 

At just 4 years old, Greg was building suspension bridges between he and his brother’s beds with copper wire and legos. With an innate ability to visualize structures and understand the physics of how they behave and why, he has excelled in both the civil and structural engineering worlds.   

Proficient in the design of structural steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, timber, light gage steel and aluminum, he has worked on a variety of building structures, including mixed use developments, condominiums, stadiums, hotels, commercial buildings and medical facilities.

In his most recent role as Director of Operations for Bob Rude Structures, Greg has served in a broad capacity that includes developing design and drafting standards for the firm, and training and professional development of new employees. A central part of the firm’s QA process, Greg has helped establish a clearly structured method for ensuring unmatched accuracy in design reviews, client communications, business development and other critical operational areas. 

Greg will help Jezerinac Group continue its sharp focus on meeting client expectations and mitigating risk by delivering high-quality and cost-effective structural engineering. With both hands-on engineering expertise and keen business acumen, he strengthens our firm’s commitment to understanding and supporting the business of building. 

What's on the inside matters

“As an engineer, integrity and ethics matter. Approaching work on a daily basis in a way that respects your client relationships and shows a genuine passion for their project and their business.”

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