Team Bio

Jenifer Johnson

Chief Development Officer
“Every person I meet is a client, and every client is a friend. That’s just how I operate. Every interaction is an opportunity to develop a trusted relationship.”

“Development” is a powerful word. And at Jezerinac Group, the role of Chief Development Officer encompasses many initiatives—from new business development to cultivating mutually beneficial client relationships to employee growth and advancement. As CDO, Jenifer is on a mission to move our people, partnerships and brand forward.

Jenifer also heads up our Kansas City-based office, establishing a Midwest presence for our growing success in serving the sports and entertainment industry, as well as our continued leadership across commercial, industrial, municipal and residential projects. She oversees client outreach, marketing and sales efforts and building our internal culture of communication and service excellence. She brings with her more than 20 years as a leader in go-to-market strategies and execution within the architecture and engineering industry.

Jenifer is no stranger to building a business and playing the part of chameleon, having previously launched and managed her own consulting firm. She’s seen firsthand the importance of maintaining a high bar on client service, and sees that same passion for authentic partnership in the Jezerinac Group team.

Industry Article:

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What's on the inside matters

“Our leadership team have lived the ‘big engineering firm’ life. We bring that same expertise and confidence to JG, but we’ve reincarnated as a lean, agile, personalized operation. We’ve focused that big picture mentality into an experience client’s genuinely need and want.”

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