We’ve Expanded the Band …

November 15, 2021
One of the hallmarks of a truly scalable business is putting the right operational pieces and players in place early on.

One of the hallmarks of a truly scalable business is putting the right operational pieces and players in place early on. Giving individuals ownership of strategic goals and initiatives gives us a competitive advantage and supports organic career growth for everyone. So when you are ready to expand the band, your internal structure is ready, and you never miss a beat.

We’re excited to see this culture of growth in action right now as we elevate the roles of our existing associates and welcome new rockstars to our leadership team.

Graham Brasic, PE, SE, and Juan Rendon PE, LEED AP, bring immense engineering experience to our team as project managers who can handle any project complexity we throw at them. Their combined expertise broadens our bandwidth and gives me full confidence that our architect, builder and owner partners are well cared for.

Graham is a technical powerhouse, extremely concise and accurate in understanding and communicating policy and code provisions and how to effectively achieve compliance. He brings a new level of QA/QC acumen to our engineers and our firm and unmatched expertise in reinforced and post-tensioned concrete, structural steel, coastal design and high-rise structures. Graham serves on several committees at the national level related to coastal design, flood loading due to storm surge, and flood-resistant design and construction.

Juan’s extensive experience in consulting engineering deepens our capabilities in planning, design, modification or rehabilitation of public and private infrastructure. Having worked as a Structural Plan Examiner for the City of Fort Lauderdale, he knows firsthand the ins and outs of building for municipalities and how to successfully navigate the unique requirements for our client partners.

Our Chief Development Officer Jenifer Johnson serves our clients and employees as a seasoned industry resource they can actively engage for a wealth of insight into trends, pursuits and peer networks, as well as strong ties to the booming Sports Architecture market. Jenifer leads our external business development and drives client communication and success. She plays a critical role in shaping and executing our strategic initiatives and furthering our internal team development as well.

Each of these individuals embodies our firm’s spirit, skill and dedication. We’re excited for what’s next! Get to know more about our leadership team.