from the buildings we help create to how we do business

“Whether it’s passion for your work, family or employees, you have to feel what you do. It’s an expectation across our team at Jezerinac Group.” 

– Ronald M. Jezerinac, PE, SE, President/Founder

Expect more from your structural engineering partner

More business savvy. More engaged. More value than cost.

You may not expect structural engineers to be concerned with your ‘bigger picture,’ but you should. Particularly, you want to design award-winning architecture. You want to protect your investment as an owner. What’s more, you want to attract new construction leads. That takes genuine partnership—the heart of how we approach every client and colleague.

The Jezerinac Group proudly merged with the Southwest Florida-based structural engineering firm, Bob Rude Structures, bolstering our commitment to serving clients throughout Florida and enriching our collaborative history. Together, we look forward to expanding our capabilities, fostering growth, and further enhancing client development initiatives, solidifying our position as a premier provider of structural engineering services in the region.

Our 3 Pillars for success.

As structural engineers, we’re building long-term relationships here, as well as expertly designed and hardened structures. Integrity and authenticity matter to us in everything we do. That’s why we’ve established three pillars to define and guide our company, from the top down.

We understand the business of building.

As structural engineers, it’s our job to support and protect your vision in the most effective and efficient way possible. We can cite many instances where clients saved more money  because of our thorough analysis than they paid for our services.

You are our partner, not just a project.

It’s your show; we’re your wingman—here to make you look good and have your back. Rest assured, every design decision balances efficiency and aesthetic with unparalleled safety. That means zero claims and associated litigation to date, and we plan to keep it that way.

Count on us to overdeliver, not overdesign.

We’ve worked for some of the industry’s leading engineering firms and ownership groups. We know the far-reaching impact of a good (and bad) design decision. That’s why we tailor our services to the requirements of your project—giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

“Our clients appreciate having structural engineers who give them options and personalized feedback, instead of hearing ‘you have to do it this way,’ and not understanding why. People become more engaged when you take time to communicate why you recommend a certain system for their project and how it will impact the overall design vision and structural integrity. It shows we are genuinely looking out for their best interest.”

– William  Raiola, PE, SE, Principal/Partner

Ronald M. Jezerinac: Realizing the Vision

“I’ve always had a very clear vision of what Jezerinac Group would be—a structural engineering firm that truly understands the business of building. With our refreshed brand, we are placing that flag in solid ground. We solve a gap in the industry by providing clients with tailored solutions that produce more value than cost. We have an unrivaled team with the technical expertise and the personal commitment to build exceptional, long-lasting structures and partnerships.”

– Ronald Jezerinac, PE, SE, President and Founder

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