Protect your investment

You have clear expectations for your project—stay on schedule, on budget and minimize any structural risk. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced engineering partner who understands the business of building.

Place the expertise of our engineers in your court for a full understanding of all the structural factors at play, so you can make critical project decisions with confidence.

Make decisions confidently with our expert investigations and representation

Whether it’s a new build or an existing one, an underperforming structure can quickly turn costly for owners. Honest, investigative analysis and technical expertise reduce the risk of structural failures and help prevent catastrophic events and loss.

We can cite many instances where clients saved more money because of our thorough analysis and thoughtful synthesis of data than they paid for our services. By engaging us early in a new project or at first sign of your building’s structural deterioration, you can avoid or address serviceability issues with the safest and most economical solution.

Steady expertise and communication saves a sinking project

The client approached us with a struggling project that was under-designed and yet, significantly over-budget and behind schedule. In less than six weeks from authorization, we replaced the existing Engineer of Record, designed the building through several self-imposed Value Engineering iterations, issued foundations for permit, and co-authored the mill order model used by the Steel Fabricator to procure roughly 1,800 tons of structural steel.

The following weeks were spent finishing the member design, designing structural steel connections, seeing the foundation through procurement and construction, and responding to inquiries during fabrication, all in time for the erection of the first steel columns.


Client Success Story

F3 Marina

Owner-centered services tailored to your project needs

Expedite program discussions, special inspections and decision-making with expert consultants to guide you and certified engineers to validate cause and origin.


  • Assessment of the structural practicality of a proposed project with consideration for constraints such as building code requirements, capacity of existing building components, project budget, and constructability.

  • Accurately translate your design vision into reality, avoiding any areas of risk or competing spatial elements.
  • Confidently move forward with your project plans with comprehensive, expert analysis.
  • Evaluate the adequacy, structural integrity and soundness of any structure and its components.