At the core of Jezerinac Group lies an inspired culture fueled by its unique leadership team.  While each team member possesses different skill sets within the fields of Structural Engineering, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Administration and Finance, they all share the commonality of a structural engineering education and its application within consulting engineering firms.  Cut from the same general cloth, this fully empowered group shares their opinions in an open and supportive environment allowing them to work with tight synergy making the best strategic and operational decisions for the firm.

Founding Principal, Ron Jezerinac, started the firm with the fundamental philosophy of “no pre-conceived notions”.  This has allowed the team to shatter industry norms with respect to engineering work flow, progressive employment practices and client interaction.  Their ideas and initiatives are clearly communicated to staff laying the foundation for a supportive, entrepreneurial, client-focused culture.  Our leadership team is highly accessible to its employees and clients alike.  The example they set drives employee satisfaction fueling their desire to go above and beyond traditional client service levels.

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