Structural engineering tailored for your success

Every project is led by a firm Principal and staffed by an all-star team comprised of graduate engineers; that means every client gets the A-Team experience.

“We do not take our clients for granted. We understand and appreciate that their success is our success. We strive to deliver a higher level of service because our clients have entrusted us to make each project better than the last.” 

– Andy Tomiczek, Project Engineer

Trust our team with every facet of your project

Maybe you’ve been stretching project budgets to the limit, or you’re knee-deep in a complicated build. Bring it! Our team of engineers is not afraid to jump in with the technical expertise and an open mind, to deliver practical, sustainable and safe solutions to your toughest structural design problems. 

BIM Technology Experts

We have the team and the technology to bring your vision to (virtual) life and ensure accuracy and quality in every analysis and design we deliver. Leverage our BIM capabilities to accurately model and phase each element of a complex build before construction begins, so you can make the safest, most efficient design decisions.

Our use of the latest modeling software and capabilities creates valuable time- and cost-savings for all clients—across every market and within every service type. Using the latest BIM tools and technology in ways outside of the norm is something Jezerinac Group excels at, providing greater design clarity to the project team and saving you from costly rework or unexpected headaches after construction is in flight.

Advanced Finite Element Modeling


Jezerinac Group was contracted to provide the structural steel connection design required to support the themed rock work for the new roller coaster for a theme park. The rock work support structure is an intricate network of structural steel framing and bracing. The steel system is arranged in a varying, undulating layout such that the desired rock work geometry can be achieved. This results in numerous, custom connection geometry configurations and designs. 

The analysis and design of the connections and their complex geometry required understanding and utilizing advanced finite element modeling (FEM) software. Jezerinac Group used a European-based analysis and design software called IdeaStatica that measured the stress and strain within each element.


ANSI/AISC 360 leaves finite element modeling to engineering judgment. The use of a bilinear elastic-plastic material diagram for steel plates and limiting the plastic strain allows for the ability to solve all types of generally loaded connections. Using a plastic strain limit of 5% as stipulated in numerous verification studies, provided results that closely coincided with the approach suggested specifically by ANSI/AISC 360.

The steel system is arranged in a varying, undulating layout such that the desired rock work geometry can be achieved.

Industry-established engineering practices

Every staff member who touches our projects from a technical standpoint is a graduate engineer. Our engineers model, design, present and observe the construction process. This results in higher quality deliverables and improves project efficiency, especially as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Software Interoperability become so integral to the engineer’s process.


Jezerinac Group, PLLC is licensed to practice structural engineering in the following states:

  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucy
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • US Virgin Islands


  • Ensure your design is safe and economical while maintaining its aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Confidently move forward with your project plans with comprehensive, expert analysis.
  • Evaluating structural failures or performance issues to determine causes and responsibilities. 
  • A structural forensic investigation may include some or all of the following: advanced analysis, visual observations, investigative peer review of design documents, material testing, load testing or structural health monitoring recommendations.
  • Assisting property owners, insurance companies, insurance adjusters, or attorneys in evaluating and understanding damaged structures, including cause and origin determination.
  • Aiding in the resolution of claims and disputes related to building structures. 

  • Investigative peer review, code and standard-of-care review, advanced analysis and modeling.

  • Evaluate the adequacy, structural integrity and soundness of any structure and its components.

  • Our team will convey professional opinions and complex technical concepts in a relatable way using visualization tools. 
  • Areas of expertise include: structural steel, concrete (post-tensioned and conventional reinforced), precast, masonry, wood/timber, general structural engineering and building construction, coastal design, high wind/hurricanes, flood loading and storm surge. 

We are qualified through the Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA) with the City of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County. 

We are Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certified with the following entities:

  • City of West Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach County
  • School District of Palm Beach County
  • Broward College
  • Broward County Public Schools
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools