Simplify and fast-track the building process

You have the distinct challenge of bringing all the materials and moving parts of a project into harmony. Driven by deadlines, every structural engineering decision directly impacts your ability to keep the build moving forward and deliver on architect and owner expectations.

Leverage our knowledge to make your life easier by implementing a structural system that is logical, constructible, and economically feasible.

Eliminate structural systems complexity

The type and number of materials you use in a building’s structural system can mean the difference between a highly complex build or one that’s simple and elegant—with significantly fewer headaches. Leverage our advanced understanding of a variety of structural systems and the available alternatives based on project limitations.

We can provide design assistance and expertise in structural steel framing and connections, post-tensioned concrete, precast concrete, site-cast (tilt-up) wall panels, cold-formed metal framing and many other systems.

Building a vision … through hurricane season​

Construction engineering and steel connection design meet hurricane season to achieve an architectural vision. We enjoy designing new buildings from scratch, but the rubber meets the road when it is time to assemble the building in the field. Our client, the steel fabricator and erector, approached us with this unique project containing tremendous architectural and structural complexity.

The museum expansion consisted of a complex multi-story system of external steel trusses required to achieve long spans and aggressive cantilevers. Like a giant exoskeleton, the 35 ft deep trusses support three stories (218 tons of material and patrons) to create a column-less 68 ft span that also cantilevers 15 ft off the primary structure. A truly inspiring sight!


Client Success Story

Baker Museum

Builder-centered services tailored to your project needs

Simplify your construction process with the right structural systems. Let us take the weight of specialty engineering needs off your shoulders.


  • Building and maintaining a parametric model containing intelligent/actionable information and building data.  Utilized for documentation, increased effectiveness of interdisciplinary coordination, clash detection, 3D visualization and improved knowledge transfer, rapid prototyping, virtual design & construction (VDC), and many other uses by all project stakeholders.

  • Ensure your design is safe and economical while maintaining its aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Confidently move forward with your project plans with comprehensive, expert analysis.
  • Evaluate the adequacy, structural integrity and soundness of any structure and its components. ​
  • Evaluate the adequacy, structural integrity and soundness of any structure and its components.