Team Bio

William J. Raiola, PE, SE

“Structures are a fixture across our landscape forming the background for our society and culture. They subtly sway, breathe, and dramatically inspire the community. Great engineers understand these principals and their designs contribute to our society’s landscape and culture.”

William holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, with structural focus from the University of Florida. He is an established professional engineer with over a decade of experience in the analysis, design, and constructability of complex buildings, condition assessments and remediation of existing buildings, and expertise in the management of design and construction administration. He is a Principal/Partner and Senior Project Manager with Jezerinac Group. His experience and expertise are integral in ensuring value for our clients.

As a Partner, William engages in business development by building and strengthening our client relationships. With a personal commitment to our corporate values, which are founded in authenticity and true partnership with our clients, he actively participates in growing the business and ensuring the long-term viability of its success.

William drives our engineers to deliver and exceed client expectations through economical design, efficacy of constructability, and on time deliverables. We take pride and are committed to creating and delivering value for our clients. Leading our engineering team, William organizes team resources by aligning skillsets, and staff experience to client’s project needs. As Senior Project Manager he has designed many complex mixed-use, sports facility, and high-density residential buildings. These projects cross many sectors but typically all of them require a hybrid structural system to accommodate varying program needs. As such, he is an expert in the design of structural steel, post-tensioned concrete, and wood structures and their interaction. In addition, his work in south Florida, the greater southeast United States, and the Caribbean has developed into a unique resume, that includes both high-velocity hurricane and high seismic projects. This experience allows him to advise clients and staff on complex technical matters and develop straightforward solutions.

What's on the inside matters

“Our job is to make our client’s vision a reality, and to make our partnerships with our clients a success. We do this through authentic communication of our expertise in structural design and building. We collaborate with the client and go the extra mile to make their vision come true.” 

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