Team Bio

Graham Brasic, PE, SE

Senior Associate
“When I was growing up, people told me I thought like an engineer. I was always questioning how things work, why they stand up or fall down, and how they are built.”

Too often engineers, being the introverts we stereotypically are, work in our silos and are mostly reactive. Graham prefers a more proactive approach—actively seeking out opportunities to do what is genuinely best for the project, providing creative solutions to solve problems for great clients who appreciate that value-added approach. As Project Manager for Jezerinac Group, Graham works closely with clients to understand the project specifics and leads the structural engineering team to achieve this vision within the constraints of the project budget, schedule and the building code requirements. He actively facilitates communication, coordination and cooperation between the design and construction teams from conceptual/schematic design through structural completion.

Graham is a technical leader with expertise in reinforced and post-tensioned concrete, structural steel, coastal design and high-rise structures. Further contributing to his technical expertise is experience in code development, serving on several committees at the national level related to coastal design, flood loading due to storm surge, and flood-resistant design and construction. This volunteer involvement is further supplemented with a passion for failure investigation, disaster response, and performance of the built environment under extreme events. The words “resilience” and “performance-based design” are current buzzwords in the structural engineering community. Simply meeting the minimum requirements of the building code is not always going to meet the performance expectations of the building owner and occupants. Graham sees great potential ahead as building owners and architects embrace the long-term value of design decisions that lead to more resilient structures. Graham joined Jezerinac Group after nearly 10 years as a project manager for PES Structural Engineers. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Minnesota State University-Mankato, and continued his graduate studies in structural engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

What's on the inside matters

“Of course, with my literal engineering brain, the structure or skeleton of the building is literally what is ‘on the inside’. You may never see it, but it certainly matters in that it is what allows the building to remain standing. More abstractly, ‘What’s on the inside’ of Jezerinac Group is a group of solution-oriented engineers looking to add value for our clients. There is a focus here not on being the ’commodity engineer,’ but rather a focus on solving challenging problems with creative, effective, and long-term solutions.”

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