Team Bio

Ronald M. Jezerinac, SE, PE

President | Founder
“I often refer to us as the ‘offensive line’ of our industry and for our clients. In football, the offensive line plows the way, creates a clear path. That’s what we do. The structural portion of project comes first, so we’re always out in front. When structure goes in efficiently and on time, it sets a successful tone for the entire project.”

An accomplished veteran of the structural engineering industry, Ron had a very clear vision of what Jezerinac Group would be when he started the company in 2014. Having worked many years for larger firms with less flexibility, he set out to build a business that combined superior technical expertise with the agility and authentic communication clients and employees deserve.

Ron is respected by his peers for deep technical aptitude and creative thinking, particularly when it comes to the critical areas of complex structural behavior and analysis, as well as building hardening. Clients appreciate his ability to convey complex instructions or design details in a simplified way that everyone understands.

At Jezerinac Group, we understand the business of building. It’s a message Ron takes to heart, knowing it’s unexpected for an engineer to be concerned with the client’s “bigger picture.” But that’s been his goal from the beginning—to provide clients with more value than cost, to build partnerships, not just projects. That goes for growing an internal team as well—he knows giving employees room to breathe gives us a competitive edge.

As a champion for BIM technology, Ron sees tremendous potential ahead for a construction industry poised to bring “smart tech” to how buildings are designed and safely maintained. Creating structures that talk to us … embedding sensors that monitor their movement, deflection and position to provide advanced warning of risks to structural integrity. The collaboration happening between engineers/designers and architects is exciting and will have huge impacts on how we approach infrastructure well into the future.

What's on the inside matters

“It has a lot to do with passion and what drives you on a daily basis. Whether it’s passion for your family, a special cause or your work, you have to feel what you do. It’s an expectation across our team at Jezerinac Group. I get real satisfaction by engaging with a project partner one-on-one to think through the entire experience, and come up with an elegant but practical solution that works for everyone.”

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