Team Bio

Matt Buttimer, EI

BIM Manager
“Our ability to do anything as a society or community relies on having places to congregate and be together. Structural engineering is so important in effectively creating those spaces. Most people don’t even think about what’s inside those structures, and that means we are doing our job well.”

Most engineering firms have a BIM Manager or someone who oversees the building information modeling (BIM) process. But few have the hands-on structural engineering experience that Matt brings to his role as BIM Manager for Jezerinac Group. As a practicing structural engineer, he knows how to ensure our engineering team uses the design modeling environment to accurately translate design vision into reality, avoiding any areas of risk or competing spatial elements.

Matt oversees training for all our engineering staff on the Autodesk Revit software platform and maintains system standards and ongoing support. He not only manages BIM technologies, he also creates design models as needed, and works closely with architects to ensure safe, economical adaptations of the design concept. Jezerinac Group’s BIM workflow stands out not only because of Matt’s technical expertise, but also because his level of responsiveness and communication exceeds client expectations. Our keen understanding and application of design modeling is essential, but so is helping our clients understand the value of BIM in making critical structural decisions. As the role of technology continues to grow and evolve in the industry, Matt sees an opportunity to break down design modeling silos between structural engineers and architects even further. Cloud-based software tools have evolved to provide real-time collaboration, alert engineers of clash issues, speed resolution, and enable visibility among the entire project team.

Matt received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and an M.S. in Structural Engineering from UCLA. He is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and is a member of the joint SEI-CASE Digital Design Committee.

What's on the inside matters

“What we do is not just about the technical effort that goes into a design, it’s about helping the client accomplish their end goal. And that means making an effort to engage the client beyond simple yes/no answers to their questions. It means developing relationships and connecting on a personal level.”

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