Team Bio

Robert S. Rude, PE, LEED AP

Consulting Principal
“I’ve always been a person who sees things in 3D. I’m fascinated by how parts and pieces are designed to fit together and stand up within a given foundation. It’s the same principles in both the natural and manmade worlds. I enjoyed rock climbing because it’s all about statics and dynamics—you have to consider how you physically interact with the structure, where forces go and how they are directed.”

Over the course of a nearly 40-year career, Bob has built an impressive portfolio of structural excellence and a reputation for an unwavering commitment to quality assurance. With an educational background in forestry and civil/structural engineering, he developed a passion for how structures interact with the natural world and cultivated a knowledgebase that informs his approach to every project design and analysis. 

In 2001, Bob founded Bob Rude Structures. For more than 20 years, he and his talented team of engineers have provided structural expertise across all market sectors, including sports and entertainment, mid-rise and high-rise, commercial, education, places of worship and more. Understanding architects’ needs is a top priority, working together from the outset of a project to analyze building layout and avoid any potential conflicts between structural system and design vision. 

A fierce advocate for quality control, Bob makes peer review a standard step in every project process—valuing collaboration and accuracy, raising questions when needed, and preventing work from happening in a vacuum. Known for his practical knowledge and straightforward communication style, Bob is often sought for his investigative and expert witness skills. 

Mentoring younger engineers is something he will continue as part of Jezerinac Group’s leadership team. It’s gratifying to help other engineers know what to look for in existing structures, how to understand the behaviors simply by touching the building, tapping, listening and feeling the vibrations. Becoming more aware of how structures fit together and move is at the heart of creating a better final product with the architect and builder. 

What's on the inside matters

“It’s an absolute truth. When it comes to working with others, playing with others, interacting with others, it must come with a level of respect. If we as leaders present a positive image and approach, so everyone on the team feels comfortable growing their skills and knows they are helping the company move in a positive direction, we’ve done our job.”

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