Team Bio

Robert Jones

Senior Associate
“It’s one thing to design something on paper, but to go in the field and see it being constructed is when it really hits home. It’s always rewarding to see a project realized and know that you had a hand in designing it to look and work how it was intended.”

There is a special skillset that comes with starting an engineering career as a draftsman—it brings an expert eye for detail and constructability. It is a skill Rob honed as a young design professional and it continues to serve him today as a seasoned project manager. It’s shaped his proficiency for collaborating with architects, describing limitations in practical terms, and explaining how a structure needs to come together to achieve the design vision. 

In his role as project manager, Rob has coordinated and managed projects end to end, from design development through building completion. That includes high-rise condominiums, clubhouses, hospitality, retail, commercial, renovation of existing structures and other complex structures with intricate requirements and unique architectural features. 

His extensive work with building restorations and additions has created a deep knowledgebase in understanding existing structural systems and solving the strengthening challenges they present to incorporate the proposed modifications.  Bob is highly skilled in knowing how and why a current structure was designed in a particular way and ensuring that any changes or additions to the structure will be adequately supported. 

With more than 32 years in the building industry, Rob values the virtue of quality control. Something he has seen too often overlooked in a fast-paced industry. In his domain, nothing goes out the door without a second set of eyes on it. It’s a practice he continues to pass on to young engineers, instilling an appreciation for balancing procedure with efficiency, and technical innovation with practical solutions. 

What's on the inside matters

“The quality of work we deliver matters. Accuracy, doing things the right way is what ultimately provides client satisfaction. When you genuinely care and take pride in the work you’re doing, you’re motivated to do it the right way.”

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