Bayfront Condominiums

This project encompasses the structural design and engineering for two multi-family residential condominium buildings and a small amenities building within the Bayfront Condominiums complex.

The project features two, four-story residential condominium buildings, each incorporating a symmetrical layout with distinct unit configurations. The north building includes 24 units distributed over six units per floor, while the south building accommodates 12 units, with three units per floor. Both buildings are designed over parking, providing convenient accessibility for residents. Additionally, the project includes a small single-story CMU/wood truss amenities building, adding value to the overall residential experience.

The structural system for the condominium buildings is proposed to be cast-in-place concrete, utilizing post-tensioned slabs supported by concrete columns and shear walls. Exterior walls will be constructed with reinforced infill CMU, ensuring structural integrity and durability. Foundations are anticipated to be auger-cast concrete piles with concrete pile caps, including provisions for the amenities building. The ground floor will feature a soil-supported concrete slab on grade, with columns and bearing walls extending vertically through the lower floor to foundations without transfer. Column and shear wall locations will be coordinated to ensure uniformity between both buildings, optimizing construction efficiency and structural performance.

Our team is committed to delivering comprehensive structural engineering services that meet the highest standards of quality and compliance. By leveraging our expertise and innovative design solutions, we aim to contribute to the successful realization of the Bayfront Condominiums project, ensuring safety, durability, and functionality for its residents and stakeholders.

Location: Naples, Florida
Client: Dyehouse Comeriato Architects
Type: Multi-purpose, Residential
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