Bonita Springs City Hall

Jezerinac Group undertook a comprehensive evaluation and renovation project for the City Hall building in Bonita Springs with our client, Gora McGahey Architects. The project involved the addition of a new entrance lobby featuring an elevator and a staircase, significantly enhancing the building’s accessibility and overall functionality. As part of the renovation, we also expanded the structure’s footprint, increasing the overall square footage to accommodate the city’s growing needs. The construction employed a robust steel frame structure with bar joists and a metal roof deck, ensuring durability and long-term stability. This renovation project modernized the City Hall building, providing improved access and increased space for the Bonita Springs community.

Location: Bonita Springs, FL
Client: Gora McGahey Architects
Architect: Gora McGahey Architects
Size: 13,000 sq. ft.
Type: Government, Cultural
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