Center Park Storage

When economizing system weight is key

THE PROJECT:  Storage facilities may not be sexy but they definitely require attention to detail. This three-building commercial complex includes a three-story, 115,000 sq. ft. structure that houses self-storage units and office space for staff. The top requirement for this project was economizing the weight of the structural system, while creating a design that would maximize the number of units.

OUR SOLUTION:  As Structural Engineer of Record, we performed several parametric studies to determine the right column spacing given the storage unit rubric. By economizing the system, we ensure the least amount of weight per square foot of structure. The shorter the spans, the lighter the floor system needs to be. Our calculations also allowed for the impact from vibration caused by storage facility equipment.

Location: Jupiter, FL
Client: REG Architects, Inc.
Architect: REG Architects, Inc.
Size: 126,000 sq. ft.
Type: Commercial
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