Community School of Naples Science Center

A winning design to empower high performance

The Community School of Naples embarked on a journey to enhance its science program, partnering with Jezerinac Group to bring their vision to life through the construction of a cutting-edge two-story, 13,200 square foot science building. Jezerinac Group delivered a Level of Development 300 (LOD300) 3-D Building Information Model (BIM) in less than a week, setting the stage for seamless collaboration among architects, MEP consultants, and contractors.

The implementation of the BIM model proved to be a game-changer, serving as a central platform for coordination and communication throughout the project lifecycle. By facilitating real-time collaboration and minimizing conflicts, the BIM model enabled stakeholders to work together more efficiently, streamlining the design and construction process.

Jezerinac Group utilized the BIM model to generate precise structural plans, sections, details, and schedules of quantities, ensuring accuracy in construction documentation. This meticulous approach not only enhanced the quality of the final product, but also contributed to cost-effective project management.

The success of the Community School of Naples Science Building project lies in the rapid integration of BIM technology, which allowed for the creation of a state-of-the-art facility delivered on time and with precision.

Location: Naples, Florida
Client: Community School of Naples
Architect: RG Architcts
Size: 13,200 SF
Type: Education
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