Hurricane Irma Structural Investigations

Insights for stronger, safer buildings

THE PROJECT:  In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we were engaged by a private client to perform structural inspections—cause and origin assessments—for various properties that had sustained storm damage.

OUR SOLUTION:  By looking at the loading from building codes, then assessing the structural damage, we determined the damage caused by wind vs. water, and noted how the buildings behaved and structural systems performed under these pressures. By comparing performance against original calculations, we get a big picture view of how proper detailing in construction methods make better/stronger buildings. 

For this and other structural inspection projects, we can look at patterns across structures and identify areas of improvement. This helps inform safer design of future buildings, giving us insights to best advise clients on most probable types of wind damage, and help architects and owners specify the right materials and proper fastening. 

Location: Various Florida locations
Client: Private Client
Architect: N/A
Size: N/A
Type: Multiple Structures
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