Beach Club Resort for International Hospitality Leader

An island experience made to last

THE PROJECT:  Confidential Client: A world-renowned leader in hospitality developed an exciting plan for an expansive, multi-structure, beach club resort-style destination. The project vision consisted of multiple beach-themed buildings, such as an arrival plaza bars, restaurants and cabanas. Additionally the vision incorporated a curated beach experience with a local flare. Also included in the project are back-of-house facilities. Those items include employee offices and housing, desalination and wastewater treatment facilities, and other storage and maintenance facilities.

OUR SOLUTION:  The structural design for this program is uniquely challenging. The beach club resort design follows the architectural theme of an island paradise, complete with post and beam thatched roof appearance. But due to the location, the structures must withstand hurricane force winds. It must also combat corrosion caused by sea water and other tropical climate factors.

Our use of BIM technology allowed Jezerinac Group to design a structural system that thoughtfully blended with the native island surroundings. We used concrete and steel systems with a wood-like finish for a design that is visually on-point while adding constructible and durable features. The complexity and detail of the architecture required close collaboration with the architect. This resulted in a practical and economical structural design that maintains the intended visual impact and native aesthetic.

Location: N/A
Client: CallisonRTKL, Inc.
Architect: CallisonRTKL, Inc.
Size: N/A
Type: Hospitality, Hotel
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