Jupiter Medical Center Anderson Family Cancer Institute

The Jupiter Medical Center Anderson Family Cancer Institute’s goal was to enhance its capabilities in cancer research and treatment. Recognizing the need for a state-of-the-art facility to meet the growing demand for world-class oncology services, they initiated the construction of a new three-story, 75,000 square foot structure within the Jupiter Medical Center premises in Jupiter, FL. This new facility aimed to provide cutting-edge resources for research and comprehensive cancer care. The primary objective of the project was to efficiently design the structural framework using cold-formed steel framing to clad the new building. Given the urgency to meet the demands of a fast-track construction schedule, the design scope emphasized the importance of economic efficiency without compromising on quality or safety.  Jezerinac Group economically designed the cold-form steel framing to minimize material, labor, and connection costs.

Location: Jupiter, FL
Client: D&D Quality Constructors Inc.
Size: 75,000 sq. ft.
Type: Healthcare
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