Palm Beach State University Rinker Sports Center

The Palm Beach Atlantic University Rinker Sports Center Structural Enhancement Initiative was a crucial endeavor aimed at fortifying the sports center against potential structural vulnerabilities arising from high-velocity winds, flying debris, and floods. This project meticulously assessed the Rinker Sports Center’s structural integrity to ensure its resilience in the face of extreme weather events.

The scope of work encompassed a thorough vulnerability assessment, wherein each component of the Rinker Sports Center was scrutinized to identify existing weaknesses susceptible to adverse weather conditions. Utilizing advanced engineering analysis and simulations, a detailed risk assessment was conducted, taking into account historical data, geographical location, and local climate patterns to evaluate the potential impact of extreme weather events on the sports center’s structural integrity.

Based on the findings of the risk analysis, tailored repair and reinforcing strategies were developed to enhance the structural resilience of the Rinker Sports Center while minimizing potential damage. A crucial aspect of this project involved conducting a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of various reinforcing strategies to determine the most effective and economically feasible approach for implementation. Recommendations for structural hardening measures, including material upgrades, retrofitting techniques, and other modifications, were provided to address the specific vulnerabilities identified within the sports center.

Ultimately, the Palm Beach Atlantic University Rinker Sports Center Structural Enhancement Initiative aimed to ensure the safety and continuity of essential sports and recreational activities on campus. By implementing proactive measures to mitigate potential risks and enhance the overall resilience of the sports center infrastructure, this project aligned with the university’s commitment to providing a secure environment for its students, athletes, and staff. Through careful planning and execution, the Rinker Sports Center emerged stronger and better equipped to withstand nature’s most formidable challenges, thereby maintaining its pivotal role as a hub for athletic excellence within the university community.

Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Client: Leo A Daly
Architect: Leo A Daly
Size: 32,000 SF
Type: Sports
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