Sunset Lounge


Originally built in the 1920s, the Sunset Lounge was a thriving jazz club and dance hall for residents and visitors to West Palm Beach. Years later it was transformed into a residential apartment building. Present-day owners wanted to restore the structure to its former glory as an entertainment hot spot—part of a city revitalization project. Being a venue of historic cultural significance, thoughtful measures had to be put in place to retain as much of the existing structural system as possible.


Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Sunset Lounge, an iconic cultural landmark, embarked on a journey of restoration and expansion to address the wear and tear of age. Beginning with a thorough structural investigation, we identified areas of deterioration and prescribed necessary repairs to meet current building code standards. Numerous structural systems required rehabilitation, necessitating careful shoring to ensure construction team safety and prevent further damage. Our structural design approach focused on reinforcing existing wood trusses while integrating new elements within the desired retro aesthetic. Upon completion, the Sunset Lounge emerged revitalized, preserving its historical charm while offering a modern venue for cultural events and community gatherings.

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Client: REG Architects
Size: 35,000 SF
Type: Cultural, Commercial, Entertainment
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