Jupiter Medical Center

The Jupiter Medical Center Structural Hardening Report encompasses a comprehensive analysis of all buildings within the Jupiter Medical Center Campus to fortify them against potential structural vulnerabilities from high-velocity winds, flying debris, and floods.

This study meticulously assesses each building’s susceptibility to extreme weather events, considering historical data, geographical location, and local climate patterns. Through detailed risk analysis, repair and reinforcing strategies are developed to enhance structural resilience and minimize potential damage. A crucial aspect of this project involves conducting a cost-benefit analysis of various reinforcing strategies to determine the most effective and economically feasible approach for implementation. The report offers detailed recommendations for structural hardening measures, including material upgrades, retrofitting techniques, and other modifications tailored to the specific needs of each building. Additionally, an implementation plan is provided, outlining the timeline, resources, and procedures required to execute the recommended measures efficiently. The ultimate goal of the Jupiter Medical Center Structural Hardening Report is to safeguard the continuity of essential healthcare services by ensuring the safety and resilience of the campus infrastructure, thereby protecting the well-being of patients, staff, and visitors even in the face of nature’s most formidable challenges.

Location: Jupiter, FL
Client: CBRE
Architect: Song + Associates
Size: 40,000 sq. ft.; Two-story
Type: Healthcare, Commercial
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