National Oncology Centre of Trinidad and Tobago

A solid foundation for cutting-edge healthcare

THE PROJECT:  National Oncology Centre of Trinidad and Tobago is a $445M TT ($69M US) project and part of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. The building is an intricate network of curved façade members and sweeping cantilevered roofs, capturing the natural light believed to accelerate patient healing. 

The 71,000 sq. ft. story ambulatory care center includes a 5,600 square foot cyclotron facility designed to produce radioactive isotopes used in cancer treatment. Once completed, the building will feature 7,900 square meters of diagnosis and treatment areas, including multiple LINAC Bunkers, MRI and PET scanning equipment featuring required radiation shielding. 

OUR SOLUTION:  The original build was suspended in 2007, leaving foundational slabs and embedded items exposed to the elements. When construction resumed in 2014, Jezerinac Group was called upon to provide a comprehensive structural conditions assessment, including specification and oversight of destructive and non-destructive testing protocol. We sought to use as many members from the original structural steel framing as possible, creating direct cost savings for the owner. 

We engaged in an intense coordination process along with the architect, design-builder, and several of their sub-contractors. Because the building houses cutting-edge cancer treatment technology, the project was designed per intense detailing requirements of Seismic Design Category D. We worked closely with the architect and project physicist to determine bunker wall thickness, steel plate sizes, and concrete mixes to ensure all shielding requirements and to mitigate any vibration imposed by complex machinery and equipment.

Location: Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
Client: Bouygues Batiment International 
Architect: N/A
Size: 71,000 sq. ft.; Three-and-a-half stories
Type: Healthcare
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