Plumosa School of the Arts


A hub of arts education for the young people of Delray Beach, Plumosa School of Art’s existing K-5 student station facility serves 711 students currently. The 40,000 sq. ft. expansion and new construction allows the school to accommodate almost twice the number of students. The addition of new general and fine arts classrooms expands capacity and enhances students’ educational development.


Our deep experience in the education sector, and a keen understanding of South Florida’s restrictive design requirements, allowed us to deliver a structural design and construction administration of the highest quality and in quick order. Considered a fast-track project, completion hinged on a tight schedule, designed to run parallel with the summer break. The simple yet essential renovation was viewed as a significant accomplishment by local community leaders, arts educators, and, most of all, students.

Location: Delray Beach, FL
Client: Song + Associates
Architect: Song + Associates
Size: 40,000 SF
Type: Education
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