Hodges University Administration Building

Jezerinac Group designed a 65,000 square-foot classroom and administration building for Hodges University, formerly known as International College, in partnership with Humphrey Rosal Architects. This three-story structure was engineered with a combination of robust and durable materials to support the college’s educational activities. The building featured precast joists with cast-in-place concrete floor slabs, ensuring stability and strength for high-traffic areas. Concrete beams and columns provided additional support, while the load-bearing exterior masonry walls offered structural resilience and durability. This project delivered a solid and functional educational facility, designed to accommodate the needs of students and faculty in a safe and supportive environment.

Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Client: Humphrey Rosal Architects
Architect: Humphrey Rosal Architects
Size: 65,000 SF
Type: Education
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