Bonita Springs City Hall

Jezerinac Group undertook a comprehensive evaluation and renovation project for the City Hall building in Bonita Springs with our client, Gora McGahey Architects. The project involved the addition of a new entrance lobby featuring an elevator and a staircase, significantly enhancing the building’s accessibility and overall functionality. As part of the renovation, we also expanded […]

Sunset Lounge

THE PROJECT:  Originally built in the 1920s, the Sunset Lounge was a thriving jazz club and dance hall for residents and visitors to West Palm Beach. Years later it was transformed into a residential apartment building. Present-day owners wanted to restore the structure to its former glory as an entertainment hot spot—part of a city […]

St Mark Coptic Church Inspections

The St. Mark Coptic Church Inspections project involves closely monitoring the construction of the cold-formed steel framing of the large interior opening and evaluating the as-built wall framing to the Nave.  Jezerinac Group’s goal is to ensure adherence to design specifications and quality standards throughout the construction process. We are conducting detailed inspections of the […]