Little Palm Island Resort and Clubhouse 

THE PROJECT: Little Palm Island Resort and Clubhouse, a hidden treasure, is known as a “private paradise”. The property has been frequented by presidents and celebrities. This exclusive destination, is nestled on a secluded island and is only accessible by seaplane or boat.

When faced with a damaging tropical storm, the luxury resort and clubhouse required reconstruction. Central to the renovations, included redesign to the 15 guest suites, which are luxurious thatched-roof bungalows. Jezerinac Group executed a comprehensive plan for the renovation of the resort’s clubhouse, common areas, guest suites, as well as the addition of a new outdoor cocktail bar.

OUR SOLUTION: The restorations encompassed the refurbishment of the clubhouse, guest suites, and recreation office. As paramount considerations, the facilities underwent structural renovations to ensure their long-term durability and safety. The team developed a strategic solution to create a new, underground, waterproofed basement which provided the ideal location to house the emergency generators.

The new outdoor bar area—named the Monkey Bar—is a tiki hut-style with authentic thatch roof. The team designed a space within the existing clubhouse structure to incorporate the new bar, creating a seamless guest experience.

Location: Key West, FL
Client: Steve Rossi Architecture Inc. (Rossi Architecture)
Type: Hospitality, Hotel
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