Margaritaville Beach House Key West

THE PROJECT:  This renovation of a four-story Margaritaville Beach House Key West hotel and resort in the Florida Keys presented some unique challenges given the highly creative and detailed architectural design. The focal point of the renovation was the porte-cochere, which was meant to resemble the exposed hull or “ribs” of a weathered, wooden ship—providing guests with an artistic an immersive interpretation of a shipwreck.

OUR SOLUTION: Recognizing the significance of the architectural design, our team provided structural design and inspection for this project, working closely with the architect to bring the intended guest experience to life. Great attention to detail was made upfront to work and rework the schematic designs to ensure a build that was both functional and visually stunning. From the initial stages of collaboration with the architect, we meticulously evaluated every aspect of the design, ensuring its feasibility and structural integrity. Through seamless collaboration with the architect, our team achieved an elegant and modern execution of the original design concept.

Location: Key West, FL
Client: Edge of Architecture
Size: Four Stories
Type: Hospitality, Hotel
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