Olde Hickory Country Club and Golf Course

THE PROJECT: The project for the Olde Hickory County Club included the comprehensive renovation of its two-story clubhouse. This required structural analysis, design, and rigorous inspections of the existing facility. A pivotal aspect of this project involved extending the club’s dining area, necessitating the removal of load-bearing walls that supported the current roof.

OUR SOLUTION:¬† Jezerinac Group engineers employed innovative methods to ensure the existing roof structure would be supported. The removal of the load-bearing walls required ingenious engineering to prevent any compromise to the existing roof’s stability. Our approach was marked by the strategic integration of beam and column locations for the support, where they could be easily hidden inside walls.

This structural option would maintain the dining area’s open, elegant ambiance while offering unobstructed views of the golf course. Moreover, we recognized the significance of providing additional strengthening to the roof structures. That allowed us to preserve the existing roof and ensure structural reliability. By integrating the extension’s structural support with the concealed framework, there wasn’t a need for an expensive roof replacement. This strategic decision¬†demonstrated our proficiency in delivering cost-effective solutions while creating significant cost savings for the client.

Location: Fort Myers, FL
Client: Humphrey Rosal Architects
Size: Two-stories
Type: Hospitality
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