The Forest Golf & Country Club

THE PROJECT: The Forest Golf & Clubhouse is the stunning centerpiece to this luxurious property located in Fort Myers, FL. The goal of the major renovation and expansion project was to create a more centralized and open dining room setting, offering a beautiful, unobstructed panoramic view of the sprawling golf course.

OUR SOLUTION: Overcoming the challenge of limited space required meticulous planning. The primary objective was to eliminate any obstructions, such as columns, that would hinder the guests’ view of the golf course. Our team of experts diligently worked to devise a solution that would both accommodate the design request and maintain the overall structural stability of the building. The existing roof was removed and replaced with a 26-foot vaulted ceiling. Additional space was added along the south side of the building to expand dining.

Location: Fort Myers, FL or naples?
Size: 43,215 sf.
Type: Hospitality
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