State Utility Provider Distribution Control Center

Validating structural codes and compliance

THE PROJECT: This major utility provider’s central “command center” for all utility services equipment and resources encompasses a seven-building campus. Structures are used to store, maintain and fuel utility vehicles, as well as provide office space for utility staff. Due to the critical importance of the utility’s services and disaster response activities, the structures are designed to be indestructible even faced with Category 5 hurricane-force winds—an ultimate wind speed of 226 mph. 

OUR SOLUTION:  Jezerinac Group provided Special Inspection services for five of the campus’ buildings and sub-consulted on the other two structures. As Special Inspector for the project, we were responsible for verifying each structure was built in strict accordance with construction documents. We engaged in a thorough analysis of the structural systems in place, and reported our findings via clear, succinct documentation.

Location: n/a
Client: Song + Associates
Architect: Song + Associates
Size: 70,000 sq. ft.
Type: Industrial
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