Radiology Regional Bonita

Jezerinac Group partnered with Parker Mudgett Smith Architects to design and construct a new 35,000 square-foot building. The structure featured a durable steel deck supported by open web steel joists and steel beams, ensuring robust support and structural integrity. The building’s exterior walls were crafted from masonry, providing both strength and a classic aesthetic. This […]

Bonita Springs City Hall

Jezerinac Group undertook a comprehensive evaluation and renovation project for the City Hall building in Bonita Springs with our client, Gora McGahey Architects. The project involved the addition of a new entrance lobby featuring an elevator and a staircase, significantly enhancing the building’s accessibility and overall functionality. As part of the renovation, we also expanded […]

La Playa Beach and Golf Resort

Jezerinac Group undertook the La Playa project, focusing on the inspection, evaluation, and renovation of a multi-building resort facility located on Vanderbilt Beach. Commissioned by Hazel Lessee, LLC and Rossi Architecture, this comprehensive project involved addressing extensive corrosion-related issues across various buildings. The structures included a mix of post-tensioned concrete floor and roof slabs, concrete […]

Bella Sera Resort

Jezerinac Group collaborated with Architectural Network, Inc. to design Bella Sera, a high-end boutique hotel in downtown Naples. This 146,000 square-foot structure features hollowcore precast concrete floor and roof slabs, providing a solid and durable framework supported by load-bearing masonry walls for stability. The foundation uses concrete spread footings, ensuring a reliable base for the […]

Treviso Condominiums

Jezerinac Group partnered with Swedroe Architecture to design The Treviso, a 22-story high-rise condominium project at The Colony in Pelican Bay. This impressive 450,000 square-foot building incorporates post-tensioned concrete floor and roof slabs for optimal structural integrity, with support from concrete columns and shear walls, ensuring strength and stability. The pile-supported foundation provides a secure […]